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Are you registered with a playgroup and would like to know under what sanitary conditions is it carried out and what specific rules will have to be observed?


All the information will be communicated to you by the speaker of your workshop but we invite you to take note of the protocol put in place.

Wearing a mask is compulsory for all adults, artist included.

Access to playgroups will not be possible for people with symptoms of COVID (cough, fever, etc.): children and adults will in this case have the obligation to stay at home, to be tested and to notify us if positive test result.


Physical distancing continues to be the rule: a minimum distance of 1m in all spaces (4m at Studio 23 in Neuilly and Stud'Yo Clichy).

Adults and children alike must take off their shoes (bring socks or slippers) and wash their hands (gel or water & soap).

The cleaning and disinfection of musical instruments and premises are carried out before each playgroup.

The spaces are ventilated as much as possible.

In case of questions:

Happy and safe playgroup!

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