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Emma Downes,  Veronica Charnley, Alma Kerouani and Elisa Lecuyer

share their passion for music through musical trips.


Jazz, pop, rock, world music, traditional songs, countries (Africa, Americas ...),

Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Disney, Musical, Carnival ... a variety of themes to awaken to music in English and French while having fun.

Emma Downes


guitarist, pianist ...

Emma Downes is an Irish violinist, choral singer and music educator. She completed her MA in Classical String Performance at the University of Limerick with Katherine Hunka, and is now based in Paris, where she studies with Sharon Roffman.


As a violinist, Emma has performed with groups including the Irish Chamber Orchestra, RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre des Jeunes d’Île-de-France, and the Paris Chamber Music Circle.


She has been a member of choirs including the Irish Youth Choir and Chamber Choir, Eurochoir, Voci Nuove, and Caminantes Choral Group, and has travelled to perform in several countries including Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Emma is the co-founder of Comhar, an Irish collective that aims to provide performance opportunities for young musicians. She has many years of experience as a violin teacher, choral conductor, and early years music educator, both in Ireland and France.

Veronica Charnley


ukulele player, percussion, guitar, double bass ...

Veronica is a Canadian songwriter and classically trained singer.

She has released five albums of original songs arranged for voice, guitar, harp, strings, clarinets and percussion and has performed internationally under the moniker Plumes.

In her music and in her teaching practice she enjoys blending pop and classical sensibilities.

Her chamber choir ensembles explore repertoire ranging from Elvis songs to 17th century madrigals to jazz.
Alma Kerouani


ukulele player, percussion, guitar, double bass ...

image0 (1).jpeg
Alma Kerouani est une jeune artiste compositrice de 23 ans, qui, au fil des rencontres et des voyages à l’étranger a décidé de faire de la musique son métier.

De manière autodidacte et avec l’aide de mentors qui la guident, elle travaille le chant, la danse et la production musicale depuis 4 ans.

Entre hip hop, soul, couleurs orientales et latines, elle est actuellement en pleine création de son premier EP
Elisa Lecuyer


ukulele player, percussion, guitar, double bass ...

Elisa is a Franco-Venezuelan up-and-coming singer of many influences. From jazz to salsa, along with bossa nova, chanson, musical theatre and pop, she collects above all songs that tell stories. Musicality ever at the service of lyrics, Elisa is an authentic melody-teller. Also very drawn to the universe of childhood, she has worked (in her past life as a web editor) for Unique Héritage Média , teaches singing lessons for children and hosts musical awakening workshops since 2018. 
Michelle Feeley
Taryn Everdeen

Taryn Everdeen

Chanteuse, flûtiste traversière, guitariste anglaise


Sumana Kumar

Auteure, compositrice, chanteuse et guitariste franco-indienne

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